My Canine Companion Quiz Part 2 - Saturday May 30th

My Canine Companion Quiz Part 2 - Saturday May 30th

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After the success of our first one, due to popular demand we've decided to bring you another! We raised €2137 for MCC 

It will go live at 7.30pm and quiz starting at 8pm

Its 4 rounds of General Knowledge and the faster you answer the more points you get.

To play all you will need is YouTube on a TV, Sky box, Laptop or any device that you can stream it on.

To answer you will just get a phone and put the website address we give you on that, pick a team name and you're all set

If you are playing as a family you only need one ticket per household. Once you buy your ticket you will be sent a confirmation email and then another email with all the details you need.

Hosted by Damien Sreenan Entertainment so if you have any queries then pop us a message there. Here's a little bit about MCC

My Canine Companion trains dogs to assist children and young adults living with Autism. We are committed to helping children with autism and their families gain independence, companionship and safety through the provision of highly trained and skilled Service Dogs. As a small organisation, My Canine Companion provides an outstanding, customised and individualised service which meets needs of each individual client.

Our Service Dogs are fully trained to the highest standard over a 2 year training programme. My Canine Companion is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI).

Service Dogs costs the charity just over €10,000 to train. The period of training covers the two years from birth right through to graduation as a Service Dog.

Service Dogs make dramatic differences’ in the quality of life for children with Autism and their families. Not only do our dogs assist them physically, but these special dogs also become the child’s best and in some cases, only, friend.